Company Profile
The founder of Known-You Seed Co. Ltd. Mr. Wen-Yu Chen create this company. Use the cutting edge of plant biotechnology concept replace traditional plant propagation skill. The technology shall compete with USA, Japan and Holland. Therefore collaborated with G.J. Ball Horticulture Inc. USA、Miyoshi & CO. Ltd. and Tomen Corporation from JP, set up Grand Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (GBC) in Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan at July 1989.

Taiwan Flower Biotechnology Co. Ltd. becomes the main shareholder since 1999. Mr. Hon-Yen Zhao general manager lead next step of GBC till now. GBC has annual production capacity 8 million plants. Quality, uniformity, reliability and annual supply chain management create the globular plant industry booming last 2 decades. Quality of tissue culture plantlets ship to Holland, Japan and US etc. Our customers located at 30 countries of the world.

Phalaenopsis commercial propagation technology were setup on the year 2000. GBC’s Phalaenopsis business steps forward to the Netherlands at the start of new century. The Diagnostic lab. setup as standard operation procedure of quality control at GBC. Certificated of virus free plant is only option from GBC’s production. This business grow in GBC as the Phalaenopsis industry grow in the Netherlands last 20 years. Phalaenopsis business occupied 70% of our production. We serve not only the growers in the Netherlands but, also the Orchid breeders in Taiwan. GBC we use Phalaenopsis commercial supply chain management technology, link Taiwan flower industry to the world.

Quality, Uniformity and Reliability are essential for our production. GBC we offer total solution for plants control propagation. In-vitro plant international transportation is efficiency and safety for all of you.